One of the most common mistakes I see with content strategy is the failure to stick to a publishing schedule.
I get it, it's tough. You're busy with so many other things. But here's what you need to understand. We are creatures of habit. We form relationships by building trust over time through consistency. By failing to deliver content on time, you're telling your audience they can't rely on you. 
Think of all the most effective publishing brands of our time like The New York Times or 60 Minutes . They always publish or broadcast to a schedule, using a predictable formula millions of people love and understand.
Think about artists like Sam Smith, who make appointments with fans all over the world on international tours, performing the same hits night after night.
OK, I get it. You're not a pop star or a big publisher. 
But, you know what? To build a loyal audience who'll buy your products and services, you should start thinking like one.
Consider these tips;
  • Create a REALISTIC publishing calendar. Think about the resources it is going to take to follow through.
  • Decide on a TIME of the day to publish. Always publish at that time.
  • Work out your CHANNEL then stick to it. Audiences like predictability.
  • KEEP GOING. It's rare for content marketing plans to show results within six months.
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