One of my favourite podcasts is Content Inc, presented by Content Marketing guru Joe Pulizzi. I heard him speak at a conference in Sydney earlier this year, and since then I've become a bit of a fanboy.
This week Pulizzi talked about his belief in setting goals that "make you cringe a little bit." He says in order for the content model to work, you must strive to become the leading informational provider in your industry.
It makes sense. Why else would anyone bother to follow your work, given all the options a click away.
Pulizzi went on to pose a tricky question. If someone rounded up all your marketing and put it in a box like it never existed would anyone miss it? 
Feeling uncomfortable yet?
As a broadcast journalist, I grew up living with the pressure to perform for a highly engaged and critical audience. These days, the tools we have as content creators are making it more intense. Online news services get constant traffic reports, and adapt their product as they observe the trends.
I believe that makes it harder to think critically, to take a step back, to take creative risks with the content you make. And, because it is harder, that is where the opportunity is.
So what is your audacious content goal? And what are you doing to achieve it?
It is a question that's been occupying my mind for the past few days, and one I wanted to share with you on this final day of the working week.
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