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How do you deal with an ANGRY interviewer?

I have to start with a confession. The idea for this story came from listening to Radio New Zealand's Mary Wilson, who ALWAYS sounds ANGRY on Checkpoint at 5pm. Personally, I'm not a fan of the schoolmarmish style, because I don't think it makes for a good interview.
But, of course, she's not alone. I know from personal experience, lots of reporters fake outrage when the microphones go on in the belief that it makes for entertaining journalism.
So, what do you do if you find yourself on the receiving end of Scary Mary, or grumpy Guyon Espiner?
The first thing is, DO NOT take the bait.  Learn the lessons from dealing with your children. If you engage with bad behaviour, you only make it worse.
  • Don't get defensive.
  • Don't talk down.
  • Don't launch any personal attacks.
  • Do keep calm.
  • Do remember the key points you want to make.
  • Do take your time, it's not up to you to fill the air.
Importantly, remember you're not just talking to the interviewer, you're also talking to the people you REALLY want to influence in the audience. They are judging you not just by what you say, but also HOW you say it.
Let the reporter be the one who gets wound up. Audiences are smart. They'll soon work out what is going on.
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