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How I've cut my blogging time in half

By Alistair Wilkinson, Founder of The Media Room Ltd.

If you know about Google Docs and speech recognition stop reading now. You're one step ahead of me.

If this is new territory for you read on. This technology has helped me completely reframe the way I think about writing my blog.

Like blogging, but don't like writing?

One of the things I've always hated about the writing process is, well, the writing. I like to talk. I like to think out loud. That's probably why I was so attracted to broadcast journalism when I started my career. I also like the casual style of writing that mirrors the spoken word.

Already, I often use 'voice memo' on my iPhone. But now I have another tool.
Enter Google Docs and Speech Recognition

Not only is the speech recognition add-on in Google Docs free, it also offers a variety of dialects including one for New Zealand. Now, I'm not sure I've got the standard New Zealand accent, because there have been a few misunderstandings between me and the programme. But it does a pretty good first draft.

The application is tucked away so you need to know where to find it. It's in the 'Add-ons' dropdown on the menu bar. Click on speech recognition to start.
A new box appears on the right of screen, giving you language and dialect options. When you launch, the text appears first into that box, transferring to the main document when you pause.
I hadn't used Google Docs until recently, when my son changed to a school which uses it as the main platform for sharing documents. I've since noticed more and more clients taking it up.

"Speaking" your blog may not be for you. If you work in a shared space you may feel self conscious talking into your laptop. 

But for me, it is a great new option.

If you've had experience with another programme that is better, I'd love to hear about it from you.

Next time, I'm going to jot down more of a 'blog plan' before I start. That will save even more time.

I'm also going to experiment with getting speech recognition to transcribe interviews I've recorded. I'll let you know how that goes.

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