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The Content Audit Explained

By Alistair Wilkinson, Founder of The Media Room Ltd.

When I start working with a new client, the best place to begin is often a content audit.

It is a straightforward process. In essence, we review all the content sitting in the business to find where the stories sit.

Businesses generate a lot of content, sometimes without realising it. That content is the key to your business identity. When it comes to a new content project, some people assume they need to start from scratch, but that is not always necessary. 

Often, copy just needs a refresh or a pivot. That takes a lot less work (and a lot smaller fee) than a brand new article.

Defining your story

An advantage of the content audit is that, done properly, the process allows you to refine and define your company story.

Digging out old promotional materials can make you realise how far you've come, how you've evolved, or perhaps how you've remained the same.

The journey a company and it's team has taken forms the backbone of any company story. Often times that is held in dusty document boxes on a shelf in the back office.

It deserves a better place.

Using the audit as a content strategy

The content audit is often a story in itself, a story you can blog about.

People love to see old ads, before and after photos, the company office through the years.

Sharing these memories helps build your relationship with your customers, in the same sharing photos with friends helps solidify those bonds.

What follows the content audit
At the end of the content audit the goal is to understand the company story and the resources we have to share it with the world. We should also better understand our client base, and the kinds of content that appeals to them.
That gives us the tools to define a content marketing plan, beginning with a mission statement. There's no one size fits all approach to this, but what is essential is that it's driven from inside the company. The whole team needs to understand the story and buy into the vision to share it with the world. 
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