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The siren strategy. What it is and why it works.

At the Piha Volunteer Fire Station, there is a simple but highly effective communications plan that's engrained in the culture of the community. When they get a 111 call, they sound a loud siren to let everyone know there's an emergency. 

Volunteers also get a text. But it is the siren, echoing up the valley, that puts EVERYONE in Piha on alert. It warns us to watch for a crash if we're heading into town. It tells us to pull over and let volunteers pass if they're rushing to the station. It also reminds us about the sacrifice they make, dropping what they are doing at all hours of the day and night, to serve our community.

The success of the strategy is in it's simplicity. The message is consistent and powerful. The audience is captive and engaged.
The last time I heard it, it got me thinking. In this age of multi-platform media engagements, do we miss the opportunity to find the "siren" for our message, because we are so focussed on being everywhere all the time?
The people I admire most in content strategy all agree, pick your platform and stick to it. Effective communication should be stunning in its simplicity, like the siren used by the Piha Volunteer Fire Brigade. 
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