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Trying to be everywhere all the time? Time to choose your channels!

By Alistair Wilkinson, Founder of The Media Room.

One of the most common questions I get asked is "which social media platforms should I use?"
My answer, put simply, is to find out where your audience is and start working from there.
For me, Linkedin and Twitter are the most effective platforms to reach new clients and reconnect with established contacts. But, the same might not be the case for you.
I recommend talking to the people you currently work with, or want to work with in the future to find out about their media habits. The biggest mistake you can make is to assume that your prospects are just like you, so listen carefully to what they say.
Why spreading yourself too thin is dangerous for your brand
If you're blogging or even contemplating a content marketing plan, you'll know, creating a meaningful, consistent storytelling engine is easier said than done.
The more platforms you have, the more work you have to do, because it's not just a case of copy-pasting your content. You need to tailor your approach to the medium
For example, Linkedin is a professional setting. You need more of the kind of content that would go down well in the boardroom. Facebook, on the other hand, is a 'social network' so you can get away with a more familiar approach.
How SnapChat is owning young people's time
Last weekend, we had a 15 year old family friend staying at the house. He spent all his downtime on his iPhone, not talking, but sending and receiving messages on SnapChat.
If, like me, you are part of Generation X, it is tempting to dismiss this kind of information, but I think you do so at your peril. 
Recently, listening to Millennials marketing guru Matt Britton on one of my favourite podcasts Marketing Smarts I was struck by his observation that a growing number of young people are using SnapChat so much, they're putting the app in the place on their smart phone, usually occupied by the phone icon.
Once you've decided, stick to your guns
A content marketing strategy is not a short play. You need to keep investing in content for at least six months before you start seeing results. Stick with it. You need consistency to start to build an audience. And, as we know, an audience is key if you want to build your brand one extraordinary story at a time.
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