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    At The Media Room, we specialise in finding stories that will engage and inspire your audience. When you are dealing with us, you are dealing with experienced journalists who've covered the biggest stories of our time.


    It is in our DNA to produce content quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

    CASE STUDY: Auckland Airport - Auckland Airport Community Trust

    Auckland Airport (AIAL) engaged The Media Room Ltd to produce a series of videos to showcase the work of Auckland Airport Community Trust. This was part of a larger project enriching digital content for the airport's website. Our team identified the most compelling stories to tell and produced three video packages which explain the profound impact funding from The Trust has on the community. They are all subtitled in acknowledgement of the fact that a high percentage of videos are now viewed with the sound muted.

    Great Potentials Foundation

    from Auckland Airport

    A video to showcase the work of Great Potentials Foundation which receives funding from Auckland Airport Community Trust.

    See the rest of the videos here.

    CASE STUDY: Fostering Kids New Zealand - The Carecast

    Fostering Kids New Zealand engaged The Media Room Ltd to produce a podcast (online radio show) series for members and other interested people. The upbeat, informative show is available free online.

    A Podcast series

    dedicated to caregiving families

    Fostering Kids New Zealand is a charity which supports caregiving families. The team wanted to find a new way to engage their members with advice and support. The Media Room Ltd devised and produced The Carecast, a ten part podcast series available on the website and on iTunes for free.


    The Carecast has driven website engagement for Fostering Kids NZ, and is being used as a tool to drive social media traffic and build networks online.

    Listen to the whole series here.


    The Media Room provides contract journalism services for the digital marketplace.

    Our clients include NZME, via LOCAL FOCUS, SKY TV and AUT.

    Keep reading to find out more about our current and recent projects.

    CASE STUDY: Editorial services for LOCAL FOCUS

    Delivering quality regional news

    For the digital age

    In early 2016, The Media Room Ltd combined forces with Very Nice Productions to develop 'Local Focus', new concept for regional video news-gathering in New Zealand. With support from New Zealand on Air and NZME the Local Focus team began producing high quality video journalism for and about the people of Central and Lower North Island in September 2016. The Media Room Ltd withdrew from the project in June 2017.


    Is your story being told effectively?

    We give you a plan to amplify your message and cut through the noise.


    It used to be, the only way to grab attention was to get a journalist interested in publishing your story, or to pay for advertising. These days, those are are just two of a raft of strategies.


    First, we need to understand who you want to reach, and where they spend their time. Then, we can come up with a plan to connect with new prospects and convert them into customers.


    Talk strategy now


    Build your confidence.

    We give you the tools to tell your story in group or one-on-one sessions.


    Fronting for an interview or speaking publicly can be intimidating.


    We can help prepare you ahead of time, or coach you on the day.


    We'll put you through your paces in a safe, supportive environment so you feel ready to take on even the toughest speaking role.


    at The Media Room

    Alistair Wilkinson


    Alistair Wilkinson is a passionate storyteller with two decades experience working with people from all walks of life.


    Alistair started The Media Room to help organisations identify and tell their most compelling stories in ways which engage new customers and build revenue.


    The idea was hatched after 20 years in TV news, during which time Alistair worked at all levels of the news gathering chain.


    He was a reporter and presenter on a series of news shows including 60 Minutes, 3 News and Nightline.


    Behind the scenes, Alistair was a versatile producer, leading a ground-breaking breakfast TV team which pioneered product integrations in New Zealand.


    In 2011, Alistair was headhunted by Sky News Australia to run their New Zealand operation.


    Now, he's the Executive Producer of Seven Sharp on TVNZ, New Zealand's most watched current affairs magazine.


    Connect with Alistair now



    with The Media Room

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